This Cat And His Doggy Sister Chase Each Other For The Best Spot On The Couch!

Siblings fight over a lot of things. Who the favorite child is; whose fault certain things are; who has control over the remote; and even who gets the best spot on the couch. And apparently it isn’t just humans who fight over some of these things. This adorable kitten and his Golden Retriever sister know that their couch has one spot that’s more comfortable than the rest, and they aren’t going to stop until they get it.

The Golden, Libby, is on the couch comfy on a pillow under the blankets, and the kitten, Flea, just sits there and stares at him. Then after a few seconds, she realizes that there’s no way that she can let her brother steal her spot! She jumps onto the couch and goes underneath the pillow and blankets. The Golden gets up and follows her sister. The cat then jumps off the couch and realizes that her plan didn’t work as expected, and that her doggy sibling is right back where he started. So, she jumps onto the couch and tries it again. C’mon cat…same plan, same results!

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