Cat Raises Puppy And Grooms Her Every Night Before Bed

We’ve all heard of dogs adopting orphaned animals. But sometimes cats will do the same thing as well. And that’s just what happened when one little pup was “adopted” by a very sweet and loving cat.

Alfredo is the cat that decided to become the adoptive family to the little puppy named Picasso (or “Pic” for short).

Alfredo proved to be quite the doting dad to his adopted canine daughter – something that has stunned the public. But what is perhaps the cutest thing to witness amongst these two is their nightly bedtime routine. It’s just too pure.

Picasso my half husky half lab puppy from aww

Alfredo and Pic consistently maintain the night-time routine in which Alfredo puts Pic to bed with a goodnight kiss and cuddles.

The cat has been grooming the dog since she was a puppy, and the care has not diminished even though she’s grown. Pic is a husky and Labrador mix, meaning she’s a bit of a big girl.

But no matter how much bigger she might be than Alfredo, he still treats her like his little girl. Alfredo has been caring for the canine ever since she was eight weeks old, so for over 2 years now!

The adorable bond that exists between these two was perfectly captured by their owner, Reddit user Joeymonac0, who posted about it online on Reddit.

Check it out below:

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