He Was Badly Matted And Suffering With Heart Worm. Now, Look Where He’ll Spend His Days!

This dog, named Cashew, was pulled from a shelter and brought in by Vet Ranch. He was covered in fleas and had multiple kinds of worms, including heart-worm. When he got to the vet, he was absolutely terrified and shaking badly. He was matted so badly that they couldn’t even check his skin. They shaved him completely and the hair that came off of him was enough to coat a whole other dog!

Dr. Karri took great care of him and got him cleaned up and gave him the proper vaccinations and treatments to rid of all the worms. Since the beginning of his treatments, Cashew’s friendly personality has come out of its shell. He is much happier now! Once fully healthy, he will go to his furever home, which luckily has already been chosen! The woman adopting him is a retiring teacher who plans on training him to become a service dog for children, and also a greeter at a bed and breakfast! Cashew will definitely be loved so much for the rest of his life!

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