These Tigers Spent Their Lives In A Dirty Run-Down Cage. Wait Til’ You See Them Experience Swimming For The First Time!

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These two tigers, Carli and Lily, spent their lives locked up in a dirty, run-down cage. Thanks to the International Fund For Animals Welfare (IFAW), they were rescued and brought to the Safe Haven Rescue Zoo in Nevada. This video captures their first experience of swimming in water, and it’s just as amazing as you’d suspect!! Safe Haven had new in-ground pools built, that will keep the water cool and refreshing for the tigers to enjoy. And they enjoyed it alright!

First, Lily walks over to the pool, probably wondering what it is. She sticks her paw in it and doesn’t hesitate to go right in! She lies down in the water, and it is clear that she loves it! She runs around in it, splashing and having a blast. Carli sees how much fun she is having and comes over to see what all the commotion is about. She is a little apprehensive but sees Lily splashing around and finally decides to join in on the fun. We don’t exactly see what happens next because Carli knocks over the GoPro, lol! I’m so happy these two tigers finally get to feel what it’s like to be tigers!

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