He’s Old, He’s Blind, He Has Parasites… Just WAIT Until You See His Transformation!

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Cappy, a senior dog, was picked up by Vet Ranch at a shelter. He was a stray that they found, alone and shaking on concrete. He was covered in fleas and had a plethora of problems. He was nearly blind, had hearing deficits, tapeworms, a growing mass on his back, dental disease, a fractured pelvis, and so much more. The transformation he has is absolutely amazing!

They got him dewormed, bathed him and treated his fleas. He had dental surgery to remove rotten and infected teeth. Then he got eye surgery to remove his cataracts and got his lenses replaced with new artificial ones. He got his vision back!! You can tell that his eyesight was restored because he sees a cat for the first time and his reaction is adorable! Slowly but surely, Cappy became a happy and healthy pup! After seven weeks of care, he was finally adopted into his furever home!!

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