Even Captain America Can’t Live Without His Incredible Pup

Captain America has been fighting Nazis and the Red Skull since their evil first arose in the 1940s. He’s fought the most powerful forces in the universe, averted earth’s planetary destruction more than once, and knows all of the Incredible Hulk’s trigger words.

Separate him from his dog for more than a few weeks, though, and he turns into a pile of mush faster than you can say vibranium.

Of course, we’re not talking about Steve Rogers, but rather his real-life alter-ego outside the Marvel Universe, actor Chris Evans.

Evans, 36, adopted his dog, Dodger, while filming “Gifted,” Life With Dogs reports. Part of the movie was shot in an animal shelter, and a few members of the cast and crew, including Evans, adopted pets while they were there.

On his next film, Evans had to leave Dodger in other caring hands for more than 10 weeks before they were able to reunite. When they finally did, Evans posted a video of Dodger’s wildly wagging tail to Twitter. It’s safe to say Captain America was happy with this homecoming too.

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