Canaan Dog

The Canaan Dog is originally from Israel and started out as a sheep herding and guard dog. The Canaan Dog is inquisitive and athletic. He is still used as a herding dog to this day, but is often seen in the arenas of obedience, conformation and agility. This is a loving dog with the family, but less personable with strangers.

The Canaan Dog often has coat color patterns which are mostly white with a mask or solid in color which may have a trim on the fur. This dog stands between 19 to 24 inches high at the shoulder and weighs between 35 to 55 pounds.

The Canaan Dog is gentle with family members, but can be vocal from time to time. When it comes to strangers in the house, the Canaan Dog will certainly not be rushing over to greet them. Obedience training is recommended and this dog responds well to such training sessions.

When it comes to the proper amount of exercise, the Canaan Dog needs a good amount due to his history of being a herding dog. This dog loves to run outdoors and a larger-sized yard is advisable to give him the space and range necessary for proper exercise.

The Canaan Dog has a shorthaired coat that does not need to be brushed too often. A weekly brushing and occasional bath is acceptable for the Canaan Dog.

With his medium build, a Canaan Dog can fit nicely within a smaller home. Just remember to give this pup daily walks and a good amount of exercise to keephim happy and healthy.

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