Can you adopt a cat at a cat show?

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In the vast majority of cases, you cannot adopt a cat at a cat show, but you can make contact with certified breeders and see the animals they have on exhibit. If you are interested in a purebred cat, this is an excellent way to meet people who have an intimate knowledge of the breed. When exhibitors are in between judging, they are generally quite happy to talk with people.

Remember, however, that you must not touch a cat at one of these shows without being invited. To do so is the height of bad manners and will likely result in getting you in the bad graces of the breeder in question. If you are invited to pet one of the cats, be prepared to sanitize your hands first. Breeders are rightly concerned about communicable diseases.

Often, animal shelters and rescue groups will have a table or some kind of presence at a cat show where you can also get information about potential adoptions. While purebred cats are exquisite animals, in your search for a feline companion with which to share your life, do not forget the vast number of homeless animals in need of love, attention, and care.

In terms of pure affordability, also consider that adopting a purebred cat is an expensive business, whereas giving a shelter cat a home is often free or can be accomplished for a small fee. This price generally includes spaying, neutering, and vaccinations.

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