Can I safely feed my dog baby carrots?

Baby carrots are actually good healthy, low-calorie treats for your dog. They’re also sweet and crunchy, which some dogs love. Given the obesity problem in pets, baby carrots can be a great alternative to commercial treats which are often high in salt, sugar, fat and highly processed.
While raw baby carrots are fine—in fact, there’s an added benefit in that they help to clean the teeth as the dog chews—it’s better to give them cooked carrots if you want them to get the full nutritional benefit. The reason for this is that dogs lack the digestive enzymes to fully break down the raw vegetable.
While many vegetables can be good for your dog, here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the specific benefits of carrots, and just how you can use them for your dog:
• Part of the dog’s regular food ration
Carrots are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. Combined carrots with cucumbers, that food helps maintain a healthy liver.
• Low Calorie Treats
Carrots appeal to a dog’s sweet tooth and provide an excellent substitute for regular dog treats. Make sure the carrot is the right size so your dog doesn’t try to swallow it whole, and choke.
• High Fiber Diet for Diabetic Dogs
Fiber helps slow glucose absorption from the intestine (creating) a more stable blood sugar during the day. Carrots contain soluble fiber, making them a valuable part of a high fiber diet.
• Dental care
Carrots have a rough texture, which can clean the dog’s teeth, eliminate plaque and other food residue. Removing plaque and residue from the dog’s teeth can not only improves their appearance, but it can also prevent decay and infection, along with the pain and foul odors that accompany them.

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