Can I make meaty popsicles to my puppy who is teething?

“Puppy pops” can often satisfy a puppy’s need to chew while soothing her sore and painful gums. To make a “puppy pop” make an ice pop with some low-sodium both. Llow-sodium is healthier and also freezes faster than regular. Of course, you must be sure there are no sticks!

However, you need to be aware of potential problems with any ice, such as broken teeth, choking (although some say it melts right away) and potential tummy upsets. Also remember that onion is a toxin to dogs, so be sure yours has none. Some feel that any ice cube or ice water can be a danger, since freezing makes muscles contract.

Make sure the “puppy pop” isn’t creating more calories than your dog takes in, because snacks should only comprise 10 percent of her daily allotment—and a dog only requires 25 to 30 calories per pounds.

You may also want to try these homemade dog chews:

• Bones (Make sure they’re hard and can’t splinter) Take a raw ‘beef’ bone of any size suitable for the dog, clean off as much meat as possible, and then boil the bone for at least half an hour. This will make the bone hard. They can’t be chewed up, but still have the flavor that dogs like.
• Towels: Soak a hand towel or a washcloth in water or in a mix of water and salt-free bouillon. Wring out the towel thoroughly and twist it into a long sausage shape. Put it in the freezer until frozen. Give it to the puppy and let her chew!

NOTE: Always supervise while the dog is chewing, so she doesn’t swallow any cloth pieces after it thaws.

• Kongs or other rubber chew toys that have one of those openings where you can hide dog food, peanut butter or any other healthy snack for your puppy. Freeze it and it will keep her entertained for hours while she tries to get the treats out.

NOTE: As always, be sure to keep the calorie allotment in mind.

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