Can I find a new home for my senior pet?

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A senior pet can be very difficult to find a home for. People are most often looking for a puppy or young dog, not a senior one. This stems from a variety of concerns, some more realistic than others.

Potential adopters may be concerned that a senior dog won’t be able to bond with them like a young one who grows up in their home would be able to. This is generally untrue, as most dogs are able to bond with a loving family at any age.

Potential adopters may also worry that older dogs will incur more vet expenses. This is typically true, though the young dog they adopt will eventually be a senior, and have these expenses as well—it’s part of a dog’s life cycle, just as it is with people. Medical expenses are an integral part of growing older.

Adopters may fear the emotional devastation of losing a pet too soon. However, the death of a newly adopted older dog is just as heartbreaking as one who’s been with a family for years. There’s an inevitable end of life for which all dog owners need to be prepared.

Ask yourself how badly you need to place your senior pet. He will probably be happier with you, in the home he’s always known. All pets can be placed, but it won’t be an easy or quick process. If you absolutely do have to give up your senior dog, find him a home, not a shelter, as the majority of senior dogs are put to sleep in shelters due to low adoption rates.

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