Can I feed my cat a mixture of dry kibble with raw meat diets?

Yes, but you should know that some cats will do just fine, while others will have a difficult time digesting this mixture. However, as with making any dietary change, make sure it’s a smooth transition, because any abrupt change in diet can lead to digestive problems.

Raw food diets often contain proteins like turkey, chicken, venison or duck. They come commercially prepared and frozen; dehydrated or you can make your own, under a veterinarian’s guidance to be sure the meal is balanced.

Here’s a step-by-step to make the smoothest transition:

• If you free-feed, stop. Use the same kibble your cat is eating and begin feeding it to her two to three times a day. This will get her used to getting food at certain times. Let the cat eat as much as she can for 15 to 20 minutes. Eventually, she will understand that she has limited time to eat.
• Keep kibble in a sealed plastic container so your cat cannot smell it or break into it. The point is to switch her from kibble to raw food, so you don’t want her to be begging for the kibble. The kibble should only be available to her during the two to three meal times that you have established. Give your cat a week or more to get used to this new feeding schedule.
• Feed your cat small portions of canned pumpkin or unsweetened yogurt if she continues to beg for food in between meals.
• Purchase a canned food that does not contain seafood. You don’t want your cat to eat the canned food simply because of its tuna scent. Add a spoonful of the canned food to the kibble during each meal. Depending on how well your cat adjusts, you might be able to add more canned food to the kibble each day or each week. The goal is to eventually have your cat eating canned food during all two or three meals.

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