Can a senior dog develop new allergies?

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A dog can develop new allergies anytime during the span of his or her life. Seniors dogs are more susceptible to developing allergies.

Allergy symptoms can include scratching, sneezing, aggravated skin, fur loss, runny eyes and nose, vomiting and diarrhea, or snoring.

If you suspect your dog has allergies, a good place to begin addressing it is to change your dog’s diet. Hypoallergenic dog food is available in all formulations including wet, dry, senior, or small bite.

Another area to be sure to address is your dog’s environment. Evaluate whether or not there are way you can minimize possible allergens in your home. This doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of the family cat, but it does mean you may need to vacuum or dust on a regular basis. Additionally, if you smoke, it’s recommended that you do so outside of the home to protect your canine’s health.

Shampoo is another weapon at your disposal in the fight against your dog’s allergies. Even if it’s not a skin-based allergy, an allergic dog is likely to scratch or chew at their skin, causing overall irritation. Oatmeal based shampoos are helpful with pet allergies. You can find them in most pet stores, and over-the-counter human dandruff shampoos can also help with your dog’s itching. Medicated pet shampoos are available by prescription only and must be gotten from a veterinarian.

Your senior dog’s allergies can usually be treated by you and your vet together. In the event that these measures fail, it’s important to follow up with an appointment with an animal dermatologist.

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