9 Helpful Tips for Camping With Your Dog

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Can’t you just picture it? You, your family, and your beloved hound dog setting up camp in a fully tricked-out RV, or “roughing it” in pup tents… either way, camping and dogs go together like toasted marshmallows and campfires!

Here are some things you’ll want to keep in mind before venturing forth with your dog on your next camping adventure.

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1. Double check that dogs are allowed

Make sure the camping area you’ll be visiting allows dogs, and find out what rules you need to follow while camping with your pet. Each campground will have some standard rules, such as proof of vaccination, keeping your pet under your control, picking up after your pet, etc. But some campgrounds may have its own individual rules. Know, and respect, the rules.

2. Make sure your dog has his tags

Have identification tags, rabies tag and license tag on your dog’s collar, and make sure all contact info is up-to-date, including your cell phone number. If your pet is micro-chipped, be sure that info is current, as well.

3. Do the medical prep & bring medical supplies

Be sure your dog’s vaccinations are up-to-date, especially rabies; and be sure to protect your dog against fleas and ticks in advance of your trip. Pack a printout of your canine pal’s veterinary record along with his or her medications, and a general pet first-aid kit in case minor medical treatment is required. Dogs get into things, so you just never know!

4. Bring your dog’s regular food and water

Bring your pup’s regular food, and bring water from home or bottled water for him to drink. Dogs should not drink out of puddles, ponds or other standing bodies of water.

5. Always keep an eye on your pup

Fido should be on-leash or otherwise under your control so as not to bother fellow campers, and to keep your pup from wandering away or becoming injured. Never leave your dog at a campsite unattended or unsupervised. Bring a crate or carrier if your pooch is small enough, so she can relax inside a familiar “den.”

man and his dog camping in a tent

6. Watch out for danger

Keep your hound a good distance away from campfires and cook stoves while in operation. Watch out for wild animals, especially skunks, porcupines and raccoons! The last thing you want to be dealing with while camping is getting rid of skunk smell, or having to get quills out of a dog’s nose and mouth (if that happens, always seek professional veterinary attention – do not try to remove quills yourself!).

7. Check your dog for ticks and do it often

Check your pooch for ticks several times a day. If you can catch them before they start to dig in for their next meal, you can usually just pluck them off the dog’s fur without having to deal with nasty tick removal procedures. If you’ve protected your dog against fleas and ticks in advance of your trip, then ticks may just “go for a ride” on the dog’s fur, but will not bite – and those are much easier to remove!

8. Use a sturdy leash

While out walking or hiking, keep in mind that most public trails have an on-leash rule. Don’t use a flexi-leash or an old worn out collar or leash. Make sure your tools and equipment are sturdy and in working order. Keeping a couple of extra leashes and collars handy in various places (in your backpack, in the car or SUV, in the tent) is always a good idea.

9. Have fun

Above all, consider your pup part of the family and bring him or her everywhere you’ll go on your day excursions while camping: whether that’s swimming, boating, hiking, fishing or just relaxing by the RV and campfire, Fido wants to be included. Camping is an activity tailor-made for you and your dog. Bring your pooch camping, and you’ll make memories that will last forever.

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