These Two Camels Were Rescued From A Horrible Past. Now, They Are Inseparable!

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Animal Rahat, an Indian animal relief organization, found a 14-year-old camel, named Waheed, tied up under a bridge. He wasn’t fed properly, given water, or the appropriate care that he needed. His owner was using him to give people rides. He was so malnourished that he even lost his hump! He was found and rescued just in time, and finally was given the proper care.

Then Animal Rahat inspected Grand Circus and their animals that were in horrible condition and poorly treated. The circus agreed to give up all 18 of the animals, one of them being a camel named Tracy. She was transferred to the organizations ‘Home for Retired Bullocks.’ There, they gave her food and water and treated her skin disease.

Finally, they introduced the two rescued camels, Waheed and Tracy, and they instantly bonded. They became the best of friends and are inseparable! They both went from having horrible, neglected lives, to receiving the proper love and care they deserve; and were able to make a best friend in the process! Now they get to relax and play with each other and the other rescued animals. I’m so happy that these two camels were saved!!

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