A Dog Was Found Starving And On The Brink Of Death. One Month Later, He Looks Like A Whole New Dog!

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A pit bull, whom they’ve named Calvin, was taken in by Vet Ranch in horrible shape. He was very anemic and on top of that, he was severely emaciated.

The events that led to him getting like this are still unfolding, so the details of the case are unknown, but they are actively looking into it.

Despite what he’s been through, he is extremely sweet and loving and hasn’t lost his spirit.

When he arrived at Vet Ranch, he weighed just 24.8 pounds. All signs point to neglect and abuse, and more than anything, he needed love. And food! The doctors made sure to give him lots of nutritious food to get him back to a healthy weight.

He was sent home with a foster family and was showered with love and care. After two weeks, he was already looking like a new dog! He gained a lot of weight, and his ribs were no longer showing anymore.

30 days after his arrival at Vet Ranch, he more than doubled his initial weight, gaining 27.4 pounds! And a month later, he weighed 63 pounds and was back to being a very healthy and happy pup! Now he’s just waiting for his forever home!

Watch his amazing transformation in the video below:

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