Woman Heard People Talking About Slaughtering A Calf, Then Convinced Them To Turn Him Over To Her

A calf was at Brooklyn Animal Care Center that needed help immediately. The calf, named Westley, had been rescued from slaughter by a woman in Queens who overheard a conversation between people who were planning on slitting the calf’s neck. She convinced them to turn the calf over to her. She kept him in her backyard while she tried to find a shelter to take him, but everyone turned him down. The neighbors eventually reported the cow’s existence to NYC’s Animal Care Centers.

That’s when comedian Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey drove to the center to pick up Westley. He is now safe at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen until he finds his forever home through Farm Sanctuary’s Adoption Network. He is a very happy calf and is now free to run and jump around as he pleases. And Of course now he will always receive all the love and care in the world! Watch him in the video below:

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