Army Soldier Returns Home To A Furry Flurry Of Kisses In Heartwarming Airport Surprise

Casandra Cabrera didn’t think her dog Miss May would be that excited when she returned home.

It had been 10 months since she deployed to Africa, ABC News reports, and May was just a puppy when she left.

“I left when she had just turned 1, and wasn’t sure if she would remember me after all that time,” Cabrera told The Dodo. “Her reaction absolutely warmed my heart.”

Arriving back home at the Sacramento Airport, Cabrera was greeted by her family, who happened to bring Miss May along with them.

Source: Facebook/Robbi Cabrera
This was a very happy homecoming!

Cabrera can be seen coming down the escalator as her family eager awaits her arrival.

Judging from the adorable video below, we can all see that Miss May not only remembers Cabrera, she’s awfully glad to see her too. The big Border Collie jumps straight into Cabrera’s arms.

It’s good to be home!

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