Shelter Hosts A Drive-Thru Pet Fostering Event Amid Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has affected people in many ways but one of the often-overlooked effects is felt at the animal shelter. It is having an impact as adoptions are lagging.

In Kern County, California, animal shelters have come up with an ingenious way to help the animals within their walls. They are offering a drive-through pet fostering and adoption service.

Animal shelters are closing across the country and around the world due to the spread of COVID-19. Thanks to this idea, animals are finding a temporary or even permanent home, leaving the shelter cages empty., a Kern County publication, spoke with Nick Cullen, Director of Kern County animal services. He said: “We rely on the public to adopt.”

He added, “When we don’t have that avenue, we’re left with no option to get animals out of the shelter. It’s not healthy to have an animal sit in a cage for 30 days.”

Without any serious planning, Kern County animal services put a message on social media then asked for emergency foster homes. They talked about their drive-through pickup event.

Cullen discussed the event on Tuesday, saying it was incredible. He added: “What we’ve seen from the community is like nothing we’ve seen before. We’re floored with the response.”

88 pets had been temporarily housed by the end of Wednesday according to a post on Facebook. Dogs and cats are also being brought from its Mojave and Lake Isabella shelters and additional foster families are being looked for at this time.

“We’re going to do this as long as we need it,” Cullen said. They are planning another drive-through event on Thursday.

It is an ideal time for many people to foster a pet due to home isolation and social distancing. Those efforts are being recommended to help stop the coronavirus pandemic.

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