Watch A Husky Freeze In Place When A Butterfly Lands On Her Nose

Dogs are so entertaining. If you have more than one – you do not need a television. They provide enough entertainment and laughter.

A mother of four Siberian Huskies never has a dull moment. Huskies are known for their expressive howls and adorable faces. They even have their own page documenting all their adventures Fluffy Husky Tales.


Cymber, one of the Huskies, is making the whole world laugh. Just a typical day for her relaxing on the back deck, when a Monarch butterfly decides to take a rest on top of her nose. Cymber froze in place when the butterfly landed on her. She seemed mesmerized by the butterfly that was flapping its wings.

Screen Shot: Facebook/Fluffy Husky Tales

Screen Shot: Facebook/Fluffy Husky Tales

In a trance, Cymber tilts her head back and the butterfly moves to the top of her head. She remains completely still for a few moments, as her mother has a chuckle. Finally, Cymber tilts her head down and bats gently with her paw at her head.

Screen Shot: Facebook/Fluffy Husky Tales

Screen Shot: Facebook/Fluffy Husky Tales

The butterfly flew off unharmed. Monarch butterflies could soon be on the endangered species list, so it is a good thing Cymber did not hurt it. Monarchs are drawn to flowers, so maybe Cymber smells like a flower. She sure seems sweet as one in the video.

Watch it for yourself below. “A butterfly landed on Cymber and she didn’t know what to do 😂 I love her!”

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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