Butler, the Weather Channel Therapy Dog

We all know the love, comfort and joy our furry friends bring into our lives. You come home to a wagging tail, doggy kisses and a big grin after a grueling commute and a long day at work and suddenly your bad mood starts to lift. Or you’re sick and feeling down and a furry body snuggles up next to you and your troubles seem to melt away.  Our canine companions just seem to lift spirits wherever they go – hospitals, nursing homes, schools – anywhere there is a need for love and comfort. Imagine bringing this to people on the worst day of their lives – after a devastating natural disaster or other tragedy.


The Weather Channel, in partnership with the American Humane Association, decided to do just that. According to their website: “Based on the research, animal-assisted therapy dogs can bring a sense of solace in the midst of a traumatic or chaotic environment, which often follows the aftermath of a severe storm.  We strive to be empathetic and generous, sharing stories that inform and inspire peoples’ lives for the better.  Butler will join our TWC team as a furry extension of those intentions.”

Butler w: survivor

Their nationwide search for the perfect dog ended when they found Butler, a one and a half-year shepherd mix in Charlotte, North Carolina. Newly arrived at the shelter, he captured the hearts of the team from the Weather Channel and the AHA with his affectionate nature and doggy kisses. He was adopted by Amy McCullough, AHA’s National Director of Animal-Assisted Therapy who is also Butler’s handler & trainer. Butler lives with Amy in Denver, CO. According to his Facebook page, his favorite activities when he’s not working include long walks, romping with his friends at doggy daycare and snuggling with his Mom. He also loves dog toys and rubber bones.

butler with toy

After months of obedience and therapy dog training (he passed his therapy dog test in April 2014) Butler has gotten right to work and racked up his own share of frequent flyer miles.   He’s brought doggy cheer to the Weather Channel Headquarters in Atlanta, GA and the American Humane Association Headquarters in Washington, D.C. He’s traveled to the tornado ravaged towns of  Vilonia, Arkansas, Moore, OK and Pilger, Nebraska bringing love and comfort to the residents. He also traveled to the National Military Family Association’s Camp for Returning Service Members to share his special doggy love with our brave men and women in uniform.

butler with cop

You can follow Butler’s work and other adventures on his Facebook page here where he also hosts a weekly Furry Friend Friday showcasing photos of his fans’ beloved animal companions.

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