Dog Rushes To Owner’s Side To Comfort Him After Bus Accident

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Our dogs are not only out pets, but they’re our companions and best friends. Just like any other family member would be, when something bad happens to us, they worry and are concerned about us, too.

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Last week, a municipal bus in Medellin, Columbia, had a mechanical failure and wound up driving off the road and colliding with a structure. 38 people were injured, but thankfully none were critical. The wife of one of the victims rushed to the scene of the accident as soon as she heard about what had happened. She also brought their dog, Lucas, who ran right up to his injured owner’s side to comfort him. He was lying down on the ground in a stretcher while being treated, and his furry best friend rubbed up against him and gave him lots of licks. He stayed with him until he was transported to a nearby hospital. This story goes to show how much our dogs care about us and can sense when things aren’t right!

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