They All Attend This Yoga Class For ONE Reason And It’s Not The Reason You’d Expect!

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Sometimes exercising can be hard to keep up with. Some people love it, but many dread it. It’s one of those things where once you start, you can’t stop; but it’s starting in the first place that is so difficult. But what if I said you’d be exercising with cute little bunnies? I bet then you wouldn’t have a problem getting off your couch…I know I wouldn’t! Well, that’s exactly what this gym is offering it’s members.

Sunberry Gym in Richmond, British Columbia in Canada, a city in the midst of a rabbit overpopulation crisis, holds “Bunny Yoga” classes to raise money for abandoned rabbit charity. Sadly, pet rabbits in the city are abandoned in the streets and are unable to survive. During the class, a bunch of cute little bunnies hop around the room. They’re mission is to encourage people to adopt rescued rabbits and to raise awareness of this issue that Richmond faces. After just two classes, the charity has already raised over $1,000, and has even got a lot of interest in adoptions and fosters! Watch one of the Bunny Yoga classes below:

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