Newborn Bunny Was Found Abandoned In A Yard, Then Rescuers Helped Her Become Who She Is Today

An adorable tiny baby bunny was found all alone in someone’s backyard when she was just three-weeks-old.
She was then taken in by a shelter in Georgia. Since she was so young without her mother, she needed round the clock care. She weighed just four ounces so she had to be hand-fed. Shelter staff fed her goat’s milk with a tiny syringe.

She was also so tiny that she didn’t know how to use her arms to walk. Staff worked closely with her every day to teach her how to use them. They used a little harness that they put under her stomach and held up to help her keep her balance.

Today, the bunny, now named Sundance, is three months old. Most importantly, she has grown up to be a very healthy rabbit. She’s also very happy and loving life! Despite her rough start to life, she’s very sweet and loving. Now she is just waiting for her forever home!

It’s amazing how something so tiny and helpless can achieve the type of transformation that Sundance has gone through, with the help of some kind humans of course! She was once all alone in the world with no guidance or direction, but now she will always be safe and loved! Watch her grow in the video below:

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