Redditors Exchanged Funny Comments About a Bunny Munching on a Piece of Lettuce Bigger Than It Is

Rabbits are undoubtedly endearing — everything radiates softness from their ears to their cute thumpers. It’s like having a cat and a dog in one animal. They can be timid like a cat or as friendly as a dog. One look at them can instantly melt a person’s heart, even when they are simply sitting or lying around. Rabbits can make anything look cute, and their presence can quickly brighten a place. The way they hop, sleep, and make zoomies will make you want to cuddle them. Also, their remarkable habit of munching on their favorite veggies gives humans more reason to love the fluffy animal.

Since rabbits have two large teeth at the front, they have a particular manner whenever they eat. Bugs bunny isn’t the only rodent popular for munching veggies. You’ll definitely find a video or photo of a rabbit happy with its food in any quick search on Facebook or Reddit.

Photo: Reddit/fyflate89

This video from Reddit now belongs to the collection of bunny content on the internet. The short clip has garnered over 4k upvotes and comments, creating an interesting thread. Reddit user fyflate89 uploaded the video with the caption, “A hungry bunny in the wild.” In those 13 seconds, the little bunny was munching on a piece of lettuce larger than its own size. The scenario was recorded from two angles and shots, but both showed such an endearing sight. At first, the bunny sat comfortably near the lettuce and then stood up to reach the top. After that, the fluff stood on the lettuce, covered by a leaf while munching on another leaf.

With how cute the bunny is, you’d think that everyone in the comment section would have the same reaction. People did not only express their love for the bunny content but also exchanged hilarious interpretations. “Can you imagine just walking around a field with giant pizzas, and you just casually nibble away? Must be good to be a bunny,” KeroNobu wrote. The bunny certainly looked like it was having the best time of its life, hopping from one place to another and having quick access to its favorite foods.

Photo: Reddit/fyflate89

“Time to get rid of some pests…*walking through and sees bunny* you’re staying, and your name is Hop Hop,” BubbaBooper12 commented. Rabbits can get away with destroying crops in some scenarios if they present themselves most adorably. Many people have shared their thoughts about fyflate89’s post, which are all hilarious in their own way. Read the comments on the post below to have a good laugh, and you might also find yourself sharing a joke about the lettuce muncher.

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