This Adorable Bunny Tries A Banana For The First Time. The Results? Too Cute To Handle!

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Not everyone is up for trying new things, especially food. Personally, I love expanding my palate and tasting new foods. The odds of me liking something new are pretty high, considering how much I love to eat. I would think that animals are even more willing to try new things than humans are. My dog and my guinea pig would pretty much eat anything and everything if I let them! This adorable little bunny tries a banana for the first time, and it’s pretty obvious that he really loves it! The way he eats it will make your heath melt to soup. He holds the banana between his two front paws and chomps away while his ears are pushed back. I don’t think it gets any cuter than a little bunny eating a banana! Watch how adorable he is for yourself in the video below. And prepare to melt!

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