Brighten Your Day by Watching This Video of a Bunny Having Its Breakfast

Rabbits are always described as cute and fluffy creatures that instantly make you fall in love. They are adored by both kids and adults — completing childhood and making adulthood less stressful. A rabbit’s presence also creates a softer environment that most humans are drawn to. For this reason, they are one of the most photographed animals. Netizens love seeing endearing bunny content that brightens their day. Various photos and videos are shared online as people gush over them. Whether indoor rabbits or seen in the wild, the content will surely go viral. They are even more captivating in person. Because as soon as you see one, you’ll stop to admire such a picturesque moment.

Photo: Reddit/Siennabears

People that live near forests and mountains have the privilege of frequent encounters with rabbits. They often stroll around near residences, especially when they detect scrumptious food. A Redditor shared a video she took of a bunny enjoying a peaceful breakfast in her yard. Siennabears was kind enough to share the picturesque content with others. It was just munching on flowers and greens, but the content was definitely aesthetically pleasing. The rabbit gives off cottage-core vibes — a screenshot would make a beautiful phone wallpaper.

Although short, the clip went viral on Reddit and has accumulated 5.2k upvotes and hundreds of comments. “Why are rabbits so cute when they eat?” TureZA90 wrote. To which chux4w replied, “Because they’re never not cute.” Aside from adoration, others mentioned the importance of healthy garden maintenance. “Thank you! A great example of why we should not use chemicals on our lawn. And we wonder where all the birds and bees went,” jbubs84 commented. Moreover, allowing rabbits to eat weeds and wildflowers in your yard is beneficial. You don’t have to do the extra work because you have a natural weed remover.

(OC) a cute bunny enjoying breakfast in my yard this morning
by u/Siennabears in aww

Siennabears is definitely blessed to be visited by a bunny for breakfast. Seeing a cute creature first thing in the morning can undoubtedly boost serotonin levels. You’ll be loving the view every time you eat breakfast — it’s also like sharing the first meal of the day with a rabbit. Better share the video with your loved ones. They’ll have a smile on their face after or while watching the 54-second clip.

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