Bunny And Beagle Are Best Friends That Love To Cuddle Each Other

The desire to chase rabbits is born into most beagles, but it seems that a desire to cuddle with them might also be in there somewhere.

That fact is easy to see when you look at 6-year-old Chloe the beagle dog and her relationship with 1-year-old Rue, the rabbit. They are BFFs and live and love together in Seattle.


Another bunny and two guinea pigs also live in the same home but, as their owner, Megan Cottone told the Daily Mail, they have complementary personalities and hit it off instantly.

Rue is a trusting and outgoing bunny and Chloe is patient and calm. It seems as if they are a perfect match. They go out on adventures together in harnesses, snuggle up close at home, and are rarely ever far from eath other’s side.


“They love to sleep and cuddle together,” Cottone told the outlet. “But they also go on a lot of trips to explore the world.”

They also have an undeniable loyalty between each other. One time, Chloe stood up for Rue when a pack of dogs was trying to attack her. The beagle stepped in between Rue and the pack of dogs and even tussled with the dogs until Rue was safe. They both walked away from the incident unscathed.

Since so many people love Chloe and Rue, they now have their own Instagram account. They share pictures and videos of their road trips and snuggle sessions. Thousands of people follow them and their adventures on @thebeagleandthebun

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