Tiny Orphaned Bunnies Rescued Moments After Mother Drowns In Ravine

Right after a mama bunny drowned in a ravine, her babies were found in a nest nearby. The babies were so small that you could still see their umbilical cord stumps! They were also covered in ticks.

A wild life rehabilitation center in Graham, Washington called A Soft Spot To Land (ASPTL) took the baby bunnies in. They knew their chances for survival weren’t very good. Jasmine Fletcher Glaze, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and the founder of ASPTL, commented to The Dodo, “Unfortunately cottontails are extremely difficult to successfully rehab when they are this young.”

Then Glaze had a lightbulb moment. Her husband had accidentally come across a cottontail nest right in their backyard. Could this be the answer to their prayers? Because the wild rabbit already had a pretty big litter, only two of the orphan bunnies would be able to fit in the nest. Two surviving bunnies is better than none, right?

But would the mom accept two bunnies that weren’t even her own? Time would tell…

Glaze continued to check on the babies. And each day they seemed to be okay. In fact, they were growing! Their adoptive mom was taking good care of them. INCREDIBLE!

Once they were big enough to leave the nest, Glaze collected her two little miracles. “They have officially left the nest as of this morning and are independent, healthy juveniles,” Glaze told The Dodo. “I have been thrilled to see them be successfully raised by a wild mom.”

Now isn’t that amazing?

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