All You Need to Know About Bully Sticks

bully sticksBody parts. Dogs love them. The stinkier the part, the more the dog loves it.  I have given my dogs all types of body parts – antlers, horns, snouts, femurs, frozen marrow bones, trachea, lung, hooves, duck feet, and bully sticks.  More than any other treat, my dogs go crazy for the bully sticks.  They know where the stash is and at just the mere mention of  the “B” word, they run to the pantry with expectation written all over their block heads.

Now for those of you “in the know,” you’ll already know what these  sticks of heaven are to a dog, but for those of you who don’t, here’s the scoop.

What are bully sticks?

Bully sticks are made from a bull’s man parts, or pizzle as it is sometimes called , but let’s be non-blushing adults about it. Bully sticks are a single ingredient chew made from bull penis.  The member is removed, hung so that all fluids drain out and the stick is stretched and dried, resulting in a stick that can be up to 36″ long.  These can be twisted, curled or braided and are often cut to 6, 9, 12, or 18 inch long sticks.  Of these, there can be two kinds of sticks offered – the regular and odor free sticks. Odor free just means that the member has been dried for longer as it is the fluid inside that causes the smell. If you’ve never smelled a bully stick, trust me – low odor is a good thing!

Bully sticks are great for your dog

Bully sticks can be a great treat for your dog.  They clean the teeth while helping focus your dog on the task of chewing – chewing on something that you deem appropriate, rather than say, shoes or sofas. This act of chewing can mentally tax your dog like some physical activities, while keeping them occupied in a safe way.  But as with any chew you provide for your dog, supervision is key as choking hazards could still exist. Bully sticks are also high in protein, which makes them a pretty great treat for your dog.

Everything in moderation

As with all things in life, don’t overdo it on the bully sticks for your dog, since they contain between 9-22 calories per inch. This can represent a significant portion of a small dog’s necessary caloric intake.  A best practice is to treat infrequently or to reduce the amount of kibble you provide accordingly. The bottom line is that like with anything we provide for our best friends, it should be given in moderation and under supervision.

Deals on bully sticks from Doggyloot

Since bully sticks are a such a popular dog treat, Doggyloot carries them at all times, not just as occasional deals. Doggyloot bully sticks are low odor and made from free-range cattle to guarantee high quality. Check out this deal on 6″ bully sticks for small and medium dogs as well as 12″ bully sticks for the bigger pooches.

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