It’s This Bulldog’s Birthday And When She Sees Her Birthday Cake, Her Response Isn’t What’s Expected…

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As most dog-lovers know, a year in human time is often a lot longer in puppy or dog time. So, when it comes to celebrating birthdays, you could actually be celebrating anywhere from 5 to 10 years of your favorite canine’s life. That is, if you’re counting the amount of time from their perspective. If you’re aging that fast, it makes sense why some pups might not enjoy the celebration as much as others. Because hey, who really needs a reminder of how old they are getting?

Well, this plump, little bulldog certainly doesn’t! Adorable bulldog, Desi, isn’t too fond of the whole birthday idea, which she makes well known when presented with her bday cupcake. Normally, sugary treats are welcomed with lots of puppy licks and love, but it looks like all this owner is going to get is a few barks and a whole lot of attitude! Lol! Either way, we hope Desi had a wonderful birthday and got to enjoy that birthday cupcake when no one was watching! 😉

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