The Bulldog is a lovable breed known for his short, stocky build and sweet wrinkled face. This dog is medium in size and gentle in temperament. The Bulldog is a popular family companion and is in the non-sporting dog category.

This breed is often found with coats in a variety of colors such as white, red, fawn, piebald or brindle. The Bulldog can vary in size and averages between 40 and 50 pounds.

Bulldogs enjoy daily exercise, but with their frame, they don’t need long runs to keep them healthy. General outdoor play and daily walks are perfect to keep the Bulldog happy, healthy and provide them with the proper exercise.

Bulldogs make also excellent companions for kids. They love to play with the kids and develop strong affection for the children in the family. They are gentle dogs with a protective nature overall. Since they are not too large, this dog will fit fine within a smaller home setting, if need be. Although they don’t need a large yard to run around within, it is still nice for them to have a good amount of outdoor romping space, if possible.

Grooming the Bulldog is not a tedious task. The Bulldog has a short-hair coat, so it is quite easy to brush. Occasional brushing and the ever so often bath will keep your Bulldog looking nice and help them to maintain a healthy coat.

If you are seeking an ideal family dog and you have children in the home, the Bulldog is always a nice choice. This dog is gentle, protective, well behaved and easy to care for overall. The Bulldog has many wonderful qualities, which make him an ideal companion dog.

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