Bulldog Is So Excited To Meet The University Of Georgia Mascot

Kirby is a little bulldog pup with a lot of energy and some big dreams. As it turns out, one of those dreams just became a reality.

Photo: Facebook / Blane Marable Photography

Martha Roelkey, Kirby’s owner absolutely loves the football team at the University of Georgia. It is appropriate that she would have a bulldog, considering that football team is named the Bulldogs.

Kirby seems to have grown quite an attachment to the team as well. He especially loves the official mascot for the school, a human-sized dog who looks just like him.

Kirby and his owner went to a weekend game and the mascot was right in front of them. Kirby could hardly contain his excitement.

In fact, you might even say that Kirby freaked out and ran over to his idol directly.

“He was in heaven,” Roelkey told The Dodo. “He just couldn’t get enough.”

You can see it happening for yourself in this video:

“The dog ran up and just started jumping on him,” according to the photographer who shot the clip, Blane Marable. “They played for several minutes. You could see the pup was trying to lick his face underneath the mask. It was quite cute.”

“He thought he was a huge chew toy,” Roelkey added.

Photo: Facebook / Blane Marable Photography

It’s apparent that Kirby will remember this moment for a very long time.

By the time the day ended, Kirby was too tired to stay awake for the drive home.

Photo: TheDodo / Martha Roelkey

“It brought a lot of happiness,” Marable told the Dodo. “If it brought a smile to somebody’s face, then it was worth it.”

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