This Bulldog Tries To Howl Like A Husky… But Ends Up Sounding Like THIS Instead.

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Sometimes when listening to music in the car, I can’t help but sing along. There’s always those certain songs that just make you want to belt out every lyric, even though it sounds God awful compared to the actual song. But once you’re in the zone, you don’t care who is watching or listening. That’s probably how this silly Bulldog feels…

Chester the English Bulldog was watching a video of Huskies howling and decided that he just had to sing along. He opens his mouth to howl…but the sound that comes out of his mouth will have you cracking up. It’s not exactly a howl, and he definitely wouldn’t win a singing competition, but he might win the part of playing Chewbacca in the next Star Wars movie. Hey, at least it looks like he’s enjoying himself! You go, Chester! You’re a rock star, and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

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