This Adorable Bulldog Has The Time Of Her Life Riding In Her Toy Truck

Sometimes we spend a fortune on our dog’s toys, only to find out that they’d rather play with something else. This English Bulldog, named Lola, certainly doesn’t find her typical dog toys to be the most entertaining. Instead, her idea of having fun is playing in a toy truck.

In the video below, you can see Lola barking incessantly at the toy truck and then hopping inside. Her weight causes the truck to move up and down the driveway, and she loves every bit of it. If the truck doesn’t move, she’ll bark at it and then hop out before hopping right back in. She even uses her hind leg to peddle a little to get the truck moving.

It definitely doesn’t take much to entertain this adorable pup. Hopefully her owners haven’t spent too much money on toys. It seems like Lola is content with her toy truck! I could watch her play with it all day long! Watch this cute mush in the video below:

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