This Adventurous Bulldog Steals The Sled Right Out From Under His Owner. What Happens Next? HILARIOUS!

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If you come from, or currently live, in a place known for cold weather like myself, then you’re probably pretty familiar with snow and the fun activities that lots of snow results in. You get to go sledding, build a snowman, have a snowball fight! The options are limitless!! Once that powdery, white goodness starts falling, you know you and your friends or your favorite canine are in for fun-filled day spent outside.

However, I don’t think this is quite how this kid envisioned sledding was going to go on this eventful day. Everything starts off good, the owner of the adorable bulldog jumps on his sled and starts inching forward, until his bulldog butts in that is! The hilarious and adventurous bulldog clearly wasn’t happy sitting on the sidelines, so he cuts in for a quick ride on the sled! What?? He was probably just curious what all the hype was about. The little pup pushes his owner right off and jumps on for a hilariously wild ride down this snowy hill! Has your dog ever done something like this before??

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