He Sings Along To His Favorite Song, But Watch What The Dog Does At :14! HILARIOUS.

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When any of my favorite songs come on while I’m in the car, I am totally guilty of belting it out at the top of my lungs. Which usually makes me look crazy to the passersby and the people sitting next to me at a red light. But it’s all about having fun, right?! So who cares! This adorable French Bulldog named Junior certainly doesn’t.

When “Diamonds” by Rihanna comes on in the car, Junior and his owner, Walter Ledermuller, start singing along. Walter starts singing first, but soon after it becomes a duet. Junior eventually chimes in, and howls along to the music. This is so adorable and funny and Junior is quite the singer! Watch out, Rihanna, Junior is after your job!

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