This Bulldog Mother Is Trying To Sleep. But Keep Your Eyes On Her Puppy!

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Being a mother is hard work. They’re up early with their babies (or in this case, puppies), up late with them, and hardly get any sleep. Any chance they can get at catching some shut-eye, they’ll take advantage of it. This English bulldog mother, Tilly, is trying to squeeze in a short nap, but her puppy just isn’t having it. She’s lying in her dog bed, with her eyes closed, while her adorable little pup tries to initiate playtime. From biting the bed, to nudging his mom, he just won’t quit. Just like a human child, this puppy is demanding attention from his mom and just wants to play!

The best part about bulldogs are their wrinkles! Especially when they are little puppies and haven’t quite grown into their skin yet. Just look at those rolls! You definitely can’t watch this video without saying “awwwwww.” Go ahead, I dare you!

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