This Bulldog Is Afraid Of Everything, But His Human Is Helping Him Overcome His Fears In A Paw-Some Way!

Bentley, a three-and-a-half-year-old English Bulldog, who resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada, may seem like your typical dog. According to his owner, Bradley Friesen, Bentley he enjoys long walks on short beaches, chewing sticks, and eating large objects in a single bite. But what you can’t tell just by looking at him, is that he has a laundry list of irrational fears. From kitchens, to hallways, to ladders, this adorable pup is extra cautious.

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Although Bentley is oftentimes very fearful, his human wanted to help him the best he could. Bentley has learned to trust Friesen, who has helped him face many of these irrational fears. To help gain his trust even more, Friesen has been taking Bentley for helicopter rides! Watch the two of them take off in Vancouver in the video below. Bentley actually looks very calm and seems to be enjoying himself and the beautiful view. The sky is literally the limit for Bentley! You can watch more of Bentley’s videos on his YouTube channel! You can also follow Bentley on his Instagram as well!

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