This Bulldog Is Determined To Fit Inside A Small Box… LOL!

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Cats are known to love boxes…little cats and big cats. But, it turns out that dogs like them too. This adorable Bulldog does, and all he wants is to take a seat in one of them. But much to his displeasure, he is just a little too big to fit in this one. He doesn’t care though and stays very persistent! He’s just so mushy and cute and you start to feel bad for the pup that he can’t fit in his box!

Porkchop, the English Bulldog, plops his bottom into a tiny box, and just sits there looking around. It looks as if he wants to lie down in it, but he knows that he won’t fit. The look on his face says it all! He’s so big that sitting on the edge of the box causes it to rip. He eventually gets out and sits beside the box, probably plotting his next plan. Then gets back into the box, and the plan clearly didn’t work. Poor pup needs a bigger box!

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