This Sleepy Bulldog Wakes Up From A Deep Sleep To Do THIS Odd Thing…

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I don’t snore, but I know many people who do. It can be really irritating when someone else’s snoring keeps you up all night. But if it’s a snoring dog, chances are, it’s more adorable than irritating! This mushy English Bulldog, named Porkchop, is in a deep sleep, snoring so loud with his tongue sticking out. It doesn’t seem like he’s waking up any time soon. But then his owner lies down next to him. What he does next is adorable.

The second he feels his human’s head on him, he immediately wakes up out of his sleep and opens his eyes. He continues to lie there for a few seconds and then lifts his head up. He leans back and sticks his giant tongue out and licks his human’s bald head, over and over and over again. He’s basically giving him a bath! His tongue is so big it practically covers the whole top of his head. Who knew slobbery Bulldog kisses could be so cute?!

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