Lily Can’t Help But Sing When Ed Sheeran Begins Playing

This Bull Terrier puppy, named Lily, is not one to make a lot of noise. She seems like a generally quiet (and seriously cute) pup, but when a song comes on, she can’t help but sing along! Her mom is holding her on her lap, and she isn’t making a peep. She is just sitting there, very quietly, with the most adorable look on her face.

As soon as the song comes on, “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran, Lily’s ears stand right up. It only takes a few seconds before she starts howling along with the music. The sound that comes out of her mouth melts my heart to soup! The way her jowls come up with every howl is too funny for words.

Source: YouTube/Amba Oliver
This bull terrier gives a stirring rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.”

“How do you keep a straight face when she’s singing?” asked donna jackson.

“Great dog and I love bull terriers. Please more videos from Lilly,” commented
changiz kharazi.

Source: YouTube/Amba Oliver
Maybe his pitch s a little off, but it’s an adorable effort!

“Has Ed seen this?” asked Lisa Starr.

“Favorite video on the internet by far. Wish my bullies had pipes like that,” wrote K Fisher.

Source: YouTube/Amba Oliver
Lily has some pipes!

“ok i know this is late but why am i crying and i didnt have my video on to record my african grey ainging along with Lily but whistling! too cutey for words,” wrote Rumaana Hadjee.

“I’ve never loved a dog so much as my english bully,” commented paul zahra.

You absolutely can’t miss Lily’s hilarious performance. We pretty sure it’ll be the best thing you see all day!

Singing dogs make for the best kind of videos so check it out below and enjoy the howling hilarity!

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