This Bull Dog Lifeguard Takes His Job A Little TOO Seriously!

We all know those overprotective lifeguards who blow their whistles every second and are basically anti-fun. Well, in this video we’ve got a case of the over-the-top lifeguard. But he isn’t your typical every day lifeguard…

A dog with a life vest on is sitting on the step in the pool, enjoying the refreshing feel of the water on his fur, until his lifeguard doggy friend grabs ahold of his vest and starts pulling him out of the pool. The dog tries to get back into the pool but the canine lifeguard just won’t allow it! He finally manages to get back in, but after endless tugging, the other dog pulls him right back out again. The poor pup just wants to go for a swim! And although he has a life vest on, I guess the other dog figures that it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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