Man Adopts Dog 24 Hours Before He Would’ve Been Euthanized, Then The Dog Saves His Life.

Five years ago, Buddy the dog was stuck in a shelter and was going to be euthanized the very next day because of heartworms. That’s when Richard Patterson decided to adopt him. He walked into his local animal shelter one day to visit the pups and saw Buddy. Buddy immediately was all over him, and Patterson knew he couldn’t leave without him.

Patterson saved Buddy’s life, but had no idea that soon Buddy would save his life in return. One day, Buddy kept barking at him and put his paw on a sore that he had. Patterson thought it was a scratch on his head, but he decided to listen to Buddy’s instincts and go to the doctor. It turns out that Patterson had squamous cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. He immediately had emergency surgery.

Because Buddy alerted Patterson, and he was able to get an early diagnosis, doctors were able to remove all of the cancer. But that’s not the only way that Buddy has saved Patterson. Patterson is also a Vietnam Veteran who struggles with PTSD. Buddy has helped Patterson socialize more with people and has been a huge support system, providing comfort and love. They even work out together a couple of times a week!

Patterson also got him certified as a service dog. Not only does he help with his PTSD, but he also alerts Patterson with his sugar intake, since he’s a diabetic. Buddy also visits nursing homes with him, providing comfort to terminally ill patients.

Patterson and Buddy are inseparable, and fate definitely brought them together to save each other’s lives. Watch more of their story in the video below:

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