Horse Slated For Slaughter Hid Within A Pack Of Donkeys Who Were Loading Onto A Truck To Freedom

Bubbles the horse resided at a kill lot in Texas, the last place he’d be before getting sent to a slaughterhouse. But his fate turned out to be much less bleak than expected.

Sue Chapman, founder of Becky’s Hope Horse Rescue in Frisco, Texas, has a life mission to save as many animals as possible. About once a month, Chapman and her organization head to kill-pens in North Texas to try and save animals from their horrible fate or ending up at a slaughterhouse. Horse slaughter is illegal in the United States, so many end up on trucks and are sent to Mexico.

When Chapman went to the kill lot, it was to save nine donkeys. She had no idea she would be rescuing a horse. But as they were loading the trailer, they noticed that one animal stood out way above the crowd.

“This skinny, grey gelding walked straight up to our trailer, past the gates, disregarding the commands of the kill lot employees,” the rescue wrote on their Facebook page. “It seems that he thought nobody would notice him escaping if he simply mixed in with the mini donkeys.”

The rescue knew they couldn’t leave this sweet horse behind. He won their hearts the moment they noticed him. They wound up paying $450 to take the elderly horse to their rescue where he now resides. He will now always be safe at Becky’s Hope, and is extremely sweet and affectionate toward his rescuers.

Watch more of his story in the video below:

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