The Brittany is a French dog who is often seen as a bird dog or companion pet. This dog has a medium build and long legs. The Brittany has grown in popularity as individuals have learned more about his hunting capabilities and also his show qualities. When hunting, the Brittany takes on the pointing techniques and is quite adept in the woods.

The fur of the Brittany goes in different directions throughout various areas of the body. The coat is often in color tones of orange/white or liver/white and the fur is dense and wavy in different areas. The Brittany stands approximately 17 to 20 inches at the shoulder andweighsbetween 30 and 40 pounds.

If you are thinking of making the Brittany a family pet, there are some things to know about this breed. First, the Brittany likes to be kept busy. As a hunting breed, he is always eager to please his owner and will be a loyal pet to his family members. Secondly, since this breed is an active one, so you want to have the necessary space to keep your pup content and enable him to run around and get outside on a frequent basis.

If you are a hunter, the Brittany will be a good companion on the hunt. The Brittany has pointing dog abilities and will be the perfect dog to use on bird hunting trips. Grooming the Brittany is not too difficult. Since this breed has a short coat, he does not need a large amount of brushing, but it is good to brush your dog on a regular basis.

The Brittany is loyal, friendly and a dedicated hunting dog. If these sound like traits you are looking for in a dog, then the Brittany is worth a look.

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