This Cat Is Sitting By A Pile Of Men’s Underwear. When I Heard How He Got Them, My Jaw DROPPED.

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Brigit, a 6-year-old Tonkinese cat, may be adorable, but she’s a thief at heart! Each night, she wanders around her neighborhood in New Zealand, and brings home something that you’d never expect. Nope, not birds or mice or any other animals…Brigit brings home men’s underwear and socks!


Every morning, her owner Sarah Nathan wakes up to find these stolen men’s briefs and socks dumped inside her home. Since January, Brigit has stolen 11 pairs of underwear and more than 50 socks! Tonkinese cats can be very obsessive, but it’s very odd that Brigit has chosen menswear to be her obsession of choice. Nathan has been putting notes in her neighbors’ mailboxes to find the owner of these stolen goods, but so far no one has come forward.

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