Pennsylvania Man’s Trail Cam Captures A Hidden Wonderland Of Woodland Wildlife

You might be surprised what goes on where humans aren’t around.

For years, Robert Bush Sr. has been trying to see exactly what sort of wildlife live around his home. He’s seen them scurry around on nature walks and cross the log bridge near his Pennsylvania home.

Bush Sr. loves nature, which is why he positioned a trail camera near the log. He leaves it running year-round to get a full picture of the local wildlife, and the footage he’s so far caught is truly fascinating.

Beavers, bobcats, deer, raccoons, squirrels, and once even a bear have been caught on Bush Sr.’s trail cam and shared on his Facebook group, Bob’s Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera. He shared the idea behind the group in a post one December.

Source: Bob’s Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera
Bush Sr. sees all kinds of animals on the footage caught by a camera near a log bridge in Pennsylvania.

“I make $0 from doing this, actually some might say the cost of cameras and batteries, gas and my time puts me in the negative, but being able to hike in the wild mountains of Pennsylvania while collecting the camera cards, taking a little time to share them with all of you and reading about the joy they bring all of you, and why you all enjoy them is priceless, so in my book that puts me way ahead— thank you all for the positive page we have created, I will do my best to keep up my part!”

More than 40,000 members can attest to the wonderful wildlife on Bush Sr.’s bridge, and more are joining the group every day.

Source: Bob’s Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera
A turtle hides in the water.

Bush Sr. makes it clear, he doesn’t want any hunting photos shared in the group, but he is not against hunting.

“I love the outdoors and wildlife and I am not anti-hunting,” he wrote on the group’s description. “This page is not about hunting and I will not post any hunting pictures or videos … this page is about the wildlife in the mountains of Pennsylvania.”

Just look at these incredible shots.

Source: Bob’s Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera
many critters come out at night.

Source: Bob’s Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera
Wood ducks crossing the bridge.

Source: Bob’s Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera
A mink makes its way across.

According to Bored Panda, Bush Sr. hasn’t divulged the location of his bridge. He doesn’t want any uninvited human visitors, but animals are always welcome.

Watch more in the video below.

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