The Briard is a French dog whose traits include a vivacious nature and alertness. This breed is known especially for his herding talents as well as being a wonderful watchdog. With his excellent sense of hearing, neither sheep nor intruder gets past this pup.

Briards have coats in various colors, including black, tawny and gray. The Briard stands approximately 22 to 27 inches high at the shoulder and has a full, thick coat.

The Briard is a dog who will be extremely loyal to his family. With that said, this breed has his own mind and can be strong-willed at times. With this in mind, individuals who are thinking about bringing a Briard home to live with them will find that a good training professional can help to curb this dog’s overly independent ways. Once trained, the Briard will fit in perfectly with any family and give the family members unconditional love.

Due to the long hair coat of the Briard, it is important that you brush the Briard every day. Brushing the long coat of the Briard on a daily basis will ensure that matting of the fur doesn’t occur and that your Briard will have a healthy, shiny coat. Proper professional grooming will also be helpful with this dog to ensure that his coat looks the best that it possibly can.

If you bring a Briard into your home, just make sure that you have the proper room for your pet. The Briard, as a herding dog by nature, needs plenty of room to run and get his proper exercise. Therefore, a house with a yard is a good bet as opposed to a small apartment. Daily walks will also make your Briard as happy and content as possible.

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