A Breeder Was Going To Throw Out This “Defective” Puppy. 8 Months Later… WOW.

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This Four-Week-Old Neapolitan Mastiff, named Willow, was born with a congenital condition called Swimmer’s Syndrome. This makes her unable to walk or stand and causes her to have a flat chest and splayed out legs like a turtle. Because of her condition, her breeder deemed her “defective” and was going to throw her out like she was a piece of trash, but decided to post about her on social media first. Thankfully, a woman named Jennifer Williams, President at 2nd Chances Rescue in Norco, California reached out and did exactly that—gave Willow a second chance!

Williams immediately went to the breeder’s home to get Willow. The poor pup was in such a horrible state that she couldn’t even eat or drink. She brought her to Gina Gould, an animal acuscope therapist, with hopes to get her walking. After just two days, Willow was already taking steps, and miraculously within months, she was running! Now, Willow is a happy and healthy dog! Watch her story below:

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